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Network Consulting – A Palo Alto partner

Palo Alto Networks is known as a global cybersecurity leader. They provide a Security Operating Platform including the next-generation firewalls with a diverse range of network security features along with visibility, automation, and analytics. Palo Alto Network’s aim is to offer the innovative cybersecurity to safely enabling the applications and preventing the cyber breaches across the clouds, networks, and mobile devices.

Components of the security platform listed on the Palo Alto Networks website include:

  • Next-generation firewalls, offered in multiple forms including:
    • As a physical appliance through the PA series, which includes small form-factor firewalls such as the PA-220 for small business and offices, to the PA-7000 series built for large enterprises and service providers.
    • As a virtualized appliance through the VM series, allowing the firewall to be run as a virtual machine to secure virtualized data centers and private clouds. It is also compatible with public cloud environments such as Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
    • As a streamlined cloud service provided by Palo Alto Networks through GlobalProtect Cloud Service.
  • Panorama, a network security control center that allows customers to manage a fleet of firewalls at an enterprise scale from a single console.
  • Traps™ advanced endpoint protection. Unlike traditional antivirus, Traps does not rely on signatures to detect malware. Instead, it focuses on analyzing the behavior of programs to detect zero-day exploits. Threat intelligence is shared with and obtained from Wildfire.
  • Wildfire, a cloud-based threat-analysis service which uses dynamic analysisstatic analysismachine learning, and bare-metal analysis to discover and prevent unknown threats.
  • Logging Service, a cloud-delivered service that enables customers to collect large volumes of log data from their network for machine learning, data analytics, or use by apps in the Application Framework.
  • Application Framework, an open cloud-delivered ecosystem where customers can subscribe to security applications developed by 3rd-party developers or Palo Alto Networks, such as Magnifier™ behavior analytics and AutoFocus™ threat intelligence.
  • Evident, provides continuous security of public cloud infrastructure services and one-button compliance reports, enabling customers to deploy applications with confidence the cloud is configured to meet their organization’s security requirements.

Need help with your infrastructure?

Contact us or give us a call +40373769664 – ​Network Consulting & Development is a Palo Alto Networks Partner and the Next-Generation Security Platform is what we do all day every day. Let us share our experience with you to make your Next-Generation Security project a smooth experience but most importantly a peace of mind by truly securing your valuable IT assets.

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